This Is Spinal Tap Gags, Ranked

This is Spinal Tap is one of the funniest films of all-time. It’s tonally perfect, it has the comedic timing of an atomic clock, and it gets brilliant, improvisation-heavy performances from every member of the cast (including director Rob Reiner himself). And as if that wasn’t enough, the original music at the soul of the parody “rockumentary” is tremendous. Like, good enough that the movie gave rise to a real band that went on tour and everything.

Everything about Spinal Tap is special. Which is why it holds a special place in my personal top-10 favorite movies (probably a blog post for another day).

So, you might guess that it was next to impossible for me to try rank all the best, most side-splitting moments in the film. Cripes, just listing all of them was a chore. There are just so many classic gags and one-liners. I definitely had to leave some out (Nigel’s skeleton shirt, “Would you… what size do you wear, sir?”), mostly because I couldn’t find video clips for everything and didn’t want this list to go on forever and ever.

Still, I tried. So here you go, the best fifteen gags in Spinal Tap, including a final bonus clip that was left out of the final cut as a deleted scene.

1. Stonehenge

2. Lost backstage

3. “Lick My Love Pump”

4. Nigel’s guitars/”These go to 11″

5. Miniature bread

6. Album reviews

7. Dying drummers

8. Stuck in pod

9. Air base

10. “Mime is money”

11. Black album

12. “Have a good… time… all the time”

13. “What’s wrong with being sexy?”

14. Jazz odyssey

15. BONUS: Ape discussion

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